Spotlight of the Month - BOGO Registration

Advanced Generator Maintenance Seminar (G706) starting on 8 January 2018 in Charlotte, NC:This 4.5 day seminar was developed out of the recognition of the need for plant personnel to better cope with generator maintenance issues. In the total of 100+ years of experience of our presenters, we have seen too many major projects being undertaken that could have been avoided! Or too many plants have invested too many $$$ only to not realize a return due to the selection of the wrong materials, or to errors in reverse engineering, or not understanding the sequence of steps associated with a particular activity. It is the belief of all our presenters that we all gain by the presentation of this seminar (that is why they volunteered to make these presentations). The participant gains as he/she gains honest technical information. We gain as we know the participant will remember who provided this honest presentation when it comes time where outside engineering or training services are needed. We all benefit.

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HPC Technical Services

HPC Technical Services (HPC) provides professional services to the utility, co-generation, and related industries. Our goal is to assist operating plants to achieve the highest effectiveness from their personnel and equipment. Collectively, we have over 150 years of experience providing services to these industries. During that period, we have provided training, operations, maintenance, and engineering services to many fossil, nuclear, and hydroelectric power generating facilities. We are the industry leader in providing turbine generator related training services, and understand how and when to apply high technology innovative solutions to power plant problems

"3-for-2" Policy:  Register three persons for the same course and pay for only two, when paying in advance.


HPC's Interactive System Description and P&IDs
HPC Technical Services has taken system descriptions to the next level. We write an equipment specific system description, add to it images of YOUR actual equipment, and then (this is where it gets really good) include the P&ID for YOUR system.

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Maximize Your Training Budget

Maximize You Training Budget
HPC Technical Services works hard to maximize our clients return on their training budget. We accomplish this two ways: First, we try hard to find ways to reduce costs. Second, we work hard to provide maximum amount of content for your training dollar. HPC Technical Services offers two (2) different means by which to save you money.

Maximize You Training Budget