(GE) LSTG MHC Turbine Lube Oil System


This Professor TIP covers operation of this system as only an ex-GE Startup Engineer and Training Specialist would author the material. All phases of operation are covered.

UPON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THIS PROGRAM THE STUDENT WILL BE ABLE TO: Identify the location and function of each major component within the Lube Oil System. • Demonstrate the use of the GE schematics. • Identify and explain those periodic tests recommended by the OEM. • Describe corrective actions required for routine problems associated with this system.

TOPICAL OUTLINE: Component Identification • Turbine Gear and Emergency Oil Pumps • Oil Coolers and Transfer Valve • Main Shaft Oil Pump • Booster Pump • Oil Turbine • Auxiliary Oil Pump • Oil Control Valves • Lube Oil Flow Sequences • Oil Pressure Gauges • Bearing Header • Periodic Testing • Abnormal Conditions.

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